Thai Chilli Nuts (V)


Prawn Crackers



Tom Yum Soup (V)


Chicken or Vegetable Spicy Soup with kaffir lime, lemongrass, mushrooms, galangal, chilli and coriander

Mixed Seafood Tom Yum Soup


Mixed Seafood Spicy Clear Soup with mushrooms, kaffir lime, lemongrass, galangal, roasted chilli and coriander.

Tom Kha Soup (V)


Chicken or Vegetable Soup with galangal, lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir lime and coriander in coconut milk

Sweetcorn Soup (V)


Sweetcorn Soup with spring onion and egg


Thai Fried Calamari


Thai marinated Crispy Fried Calamari, served with a Sweet and Sour Chilli Sauce

Satay Chicken


Chargrilled Chicken Skewers, marinated in herbs and ground pepper, served with Peanut Sauce

Chargrilled Pork Spare Ribs


Chargrilled Pork Spare Ribs, marinated in herbs and spices, served with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thai Fish Cakes


Minced Fish, blended with herbs and spices, served with cucumber sauce

Thai Crab Cakes


Crab meat, blended with herbs and spices, served with plum sauce

Pandanous Chicken Parcels


Marinated Chicken, wrapped and baked in pandanous leaves, served with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thai Chilli Chicken Wings


Lightly marinated Chicken Wings, tossed with salt, chilli and garlic

Salt and Chilli Prawns


Lightly Battered Prawns with salt and chilli

Soft Shell Crab in Salt and Chilli


Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab with salt and chilli

Golden Bags


Minced Prawns and Chicken, flavoured with garlic in rice paper, served with plum sauce

Spring Rolls (V)


Crispy Spring Rolls, stuffed with vermicelli and white cabbage, served with plum sauce

Vegetable Tempura (V)


Lightly battered vegetables served with Plum Sauce

Sweetcorn Cakes(V)


Fried Sweetcorn Cakes served with Sweet Plum Sauce

Sharing Platters

(min 2 people)

House Platter

£9.25 PP

(Golden Bags, Satay Chicken, Fish Cakes, Spring Rolls and Chicken Pandanous)

Seafood Platter

£10.00 PP

(Salt and Pepper Crab (batter), Calamari, Salmon Satay, Fish Cakes, Prawn Rolls)

Vegetarian Platter (V)

£8.50 PP

(Spring Rolls, Fried Tofu, Sweetcorn Cakes, Vegetable Tempura, Samosas)


Green Papaya Salad (V)


Green Papaya Salad with cherry tomatoes, peanuts, garlic, fresh chillies and lime juice

Mango Salad (V)


Green Mango salad with cashew nuts, tossed in a Spicy Thai dressing

LAAB Salad

(Pork £7.50, Chicken £7.50, Lamb £8.00)

Choice of Chicken, Pork or Lamb with spring onions, thai parsley, shallots, kaffir lime leaf, dried chilli, roasted ground rice and lime juice.

Crispy Duck Salad


Crispy Duck, julienne cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and lettuce, tossed with hoisin dressing.

Curry Dishes

Green Curry

(Chicken £14.95, Beef £15.95, Veg £12.95)

A choice of chicken, beef or vegetable green curry cooked in coconut milk with aubergines, pea aubergines, red chilli, sweet basil and lime leaves

Massaman Curry

( Chicken £14.95, Beef £15.95, Lamb £15.95, Veg £12.95)

A choice of chicken, prawn beef or lamb cooked relatively dry in red panang curry paste and coconut cream, flavoured with lime leaves and red chilli

Red Curry

(Chicken £14.95, Beef £15.95, Prawn £16.95, Veg £12.95)

A choice of chicken, beef, prawn or vegetable red curry cooked in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergines and sweet basil, garnished with red chilli

Red Curry Duck


Roasted Duck Red Curry cooked in coconut milk, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, sweet basil and garnished with red chilli.

Stir-Fried Dishes

Chicken with Cashew Nut


Wok fried chicken with cashew nuts, mushrooms, onion, spring onions, red and green peppers and roasted dry chillies

Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork

£11.95 Both

Thai style fried sweet and sour chicken or pork with pineapple, tomato, cucumber, onion, red and green peppers

Stir Fried Beef in Oyster Sauce


Stir-fried beef in oyster sauce with mushrooms, red and green peppers, ginger and spring onions.

Stir-Fried Chicken, Beef or Lamb in Red Chilli Paste

Chicken £11.95, Beef £12.95 or Lamb £12.95

Stir-fried with red chilli paste, bamboo shoots, red and green peppers, Karachi, onion, peppercorn and sweet basil

Stir-Fried Duck in Tamarind Sauce


Stir-Fried roasted duck in sweet tamarind sauce, garnished with julienne cucumber

Stir-Fried Beef or Chicken In Chilli and Basil

Beef £12.95 or Chicken £11.95

A choice of Chicken or Beef with snake beans, holy basil, garlic and chilli

Grilled Dishes

Chargrilled Lamb


Thai styled chargrilled lamb steak with black pepper sauce, served with a Thai preserved salad

Chargrilled Sea Bass


Chargrilled Sea Bass fillets wrapped in banana leaves, served with our special Thai chilli sauce

Chargrilled King Tiger Prawns


Chargrilled King Tiger Prawns served with our special Thai chilli sauce

Weeping Tiger Sirloin Steak


Sirloin Steak marinated in herbs and ground pepper, served with a spicy chilli sauce

Seafood Dishes

Steamed Seabass


Steamed Seabass fillets cooked with spicy sauce, lemongrass, pickled ginger, ginger, spring onion, coriander and pickled plum

Stir-Fried Prawns with Garlic


Stir-Fried tiger prawns sautéed with garlic, pepper and coriander

Stir-Fried Prawns in Red Chilli Paste


Stir-fried tiger prawns with red chilli paste, bamboo shoots, red and green peppers, Karachi, onion and sweet basil

Stir-Fried Lobster with Celery and Ginger


Stir-Fried Lobster with celery, ginger and Spring Onion, a touch of Thai Whisky and sesame oil

Mixed Seafood in Red Chilli Paste


Stir-fried mixed seafood sautéed in chilli paste, with spring onion, red and green peppers, red chilli and sweet basil

Sweet & Sour Chilli Fish


Onions, Red & Green Peppers, Pineapple, Sweet Basil and Fresh Chilli

Vegetable Dishes

Tofu with Cashew Nut


Wok fried tofu with cashew nuts, mushrooms, onion, spring onions, red and green peppers and roasted dry chillies

Stir-Fried Tofu in Snake Bean


Stir-fried tofu with snake beans, basil and chillies

Mixed Vegetables in Choo Chee Paste


Mixed Vegetables in Choo Chee curry paste with coconut milk, red chillies and lime leaves

Mixed Vegetables in Satay


Stir-fried mixed vegetables with satay sauce

Stir-Fried Aubergine in Black Bean


Stir Fried Aubergine with onion, spring onions and red and green peppers in a Black Bean Sauce

Rice and Noodles

Pad Thai Noodles

(Chicken £10.95, Beef £11.95, Pork £10.95, Vegetable £9.95)

Traditional Thai stir-fried noodles with egg, beansprouts, bean curd and chives

Pad Thai Noodles

(Prawn £11.95, Seafood £11.95)

Traditional Thai stir-fried rice noodles with egg, beansprouts, dried shrimp, bean curd and chives.

Singapore Noodles


Stir-fried vermicelli noodles with chicken, prawns, peppers, egg and beansprouts.

Side Dishes

Mixed Veg in Garlic


Pak Choi in Garlic


Steamed Jasmine Rice


Sticky Glutinous Rice


Egg Fried Rice


Steamed Coconut Rice


Thai Spicy Rice

(Chicken £4.25, Beef £4.50, Vegetable £4.00)

Stir-Fried Noodles





Mango and red berry mousse on a coconut biscuit with a mango glaze.



Chocolate mi-cuit with shaved coconut inside. Served warm.



Pure butter shortcrust, cream cheese, lemon, ginger and Swiss meringue.



Dacquoise biscuit, mango and passion fruit compote, white chocolate mousse, passion fruit jelly



Traditional Thai dessert of coconut sticky rice with mango and coconut cream. Served with fresh mango and mango sorbet.



Chocolate cake with chocolate melting heart.



Delicate yet rich, this coconut sorbet will refresh and cleanse the palette.



Three scoops of gelato, choose from Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry.

Some of our Dishes on the menu contains allergens. If you suffer with any allergies or intolerances please speak to the duty manager about your requirements before placing your order.