Siamais’ Covid implementations and Government guidelines

The hospitality industry has been the backdrop to many of life’s celebrations, big and small events that make life what it is. From catering weddings, to birthday parties to anniversaries, Siamais has enjoyed helping create special occasions for families and friends. Hospitality is a part of humanity and we pray that it will always continue that way. To make sure that we are doing everything we can to safely allow friends and families to meet, we have adapted our venue and service to match the current requirements that stem from this global pandemic. We understand what our guests need to have in order to feel safe when dining out at their favourite spots. We also understand that there are a lot of questions around Covid and the hospitality industry. Therefore, we wanted to outline simply what we have implemented to keep you safe and hopefully answer any current questions regarding our beloved hospitality industry at this time.


Now that we seem to carefully approach the light at the end of the tunnel, we wanted to highlight what measures we will continue to take (alongside any further Covid updates from the Government). We want to keep our information as clear and up to date as possible, so as we monitor the Government’s messaging over the coming weeks, we will update this to ensure the messages we put across are relevant to you and the current Covid situation. We want to keep our hospitality environment safe for our supportive teams and guests, in the hope that soon we feel the freedom of normality again allowing us to continue living in those special moments. The goal of this blog is to share our practices with you.

friends celebrating with wine in front of Christmas tree

Our COVID Guidelines

Social Distancing


• We have reduced our capacity to allow for social distancing in our venue. We want our guests to feel they have their own space within the venue, a space that allows them to truly relax without worrying about the outside world. Therefore, we have kept many tables out of service ensuring there is a 1 metre distance between each booking party 


• To maintain social distancing, we will only offer table service. This means we ask our guests to sit back and relax whilst we take all orders at the table. We have also ensured there are spaces between tables which means that when customers move from their seats, they are able to keep a safe distance from other guests. 


•Guests are asked to wait at certain areas in the venue to avoid a bottleneck of overcrowding in our reception areas. 


• To ensure we comply with social distancing we have removed some of our live serve cocktails. We hope we can bring these back soon.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Staff & Work Surfaces

Staff working in hospitality have had to take on many new responsibilities all at once. We are incredibly grateful for the staff at Siamais who have took this challenge as an opportunity to learn and train further.

• This training includes a full understanding of the Government guidelines alongside implementing further cleaning guidelines. Touch points will be regularly sanitised after use to limit the spread of potential bacteria. The products used to sanitise are disposable to remove opportunities for contamination. These touch points include all tables, surfaces, and tills. As we are an environmentally conscious company, menus are laminated to ensure they are able to be wiped down and sanitised after each use. This is all facilitated by a dedicated member of staff to ensure processes are kept up to date and implemented.

• We have provided Health & Safety PPE for our staff to wear, such as facemasks and gloves.

• Personal hygiene and site cleanliness have always been an important and necessary requirement for the successful running of our hospitality venue. Throughout Siamais we have strict cleanliness guidelines, and we continue to always improve our methods to ensure the best.

Hand Sanitiser Units

We want our guests to feel at complete ease when visiting our venue, and therefore we have located various hand sanitiser stations around our venue. These are regularly checked to ensure they are readily available for both customers and our staff.

Disposable items include

We will be introducing disposable napkins to reduce the amount of contact between staff and customers.  

Personal hygiene and site cleanliness have always been an important and necessary requirement for the successful running of our hospitality venue. Throughout Siamais we have strict cleanliness guidelines, and we continue to always improve our methods to ensure the best.

Communicating our messages to you

We know that due to the global pandemic, people are feeling uncertain of many things that they have lived with for many years. We believe that, alongside our guidelines and practices, communicating a clear message to our guests can help customers feel safer. We want you to know that if you have any concerns or questions, you are welcomed to reach out to us.

Therefore, we will communicate updates via:

•This blog post

•Our welcome back page imagery

•Our social channels

•Our mailing list which you can sign up for here.

Guests can use the above platforms to understand the guidelines before they visit our venues or choose to book with us. During the booking process, guidelines and updates will be shared via a link within the booking policy and confirmation email.

At the entry point and throughout the venue, we will have these guidelines printed.



If you want to find our more guidelines, please visit the Government site who should be able to help further.

We hope this answers any questions that you may have. We would just like to finish by saying, we as a venue and as an industry will continue to do everything that we possibly can to ensure our guests and staff are safe, that we can operate in a way that is shown to be Covid compliant – we love our customers, and we love what we do. We will continue to fight against this virus so that soon we can have the world we all miss.