Passion for THAILAND

The Hidden Depths of Old Siam

South-east Asian food at its best. Combined world influences bring heat, flavour, passion and theatre to the table, with a cocktail to suit every course!

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About Siamais – The Best Thai Restaurant in Birmingham

Siamais is the ideal place for a ‘dual’ night out. It’s a brand-new concept that encapsulates a totally separate bar, and a restaurant. Drinkers wanting to enjoy a cocktail (or any other drink), have no pressure whatsoever to eat (but they may if they so wish!) and diners can enjoy their food, knowing there’s a wealth of fabulous cocktails to be tried – and the expertise is there to supply them.

History of Siam

Siam was the former name of Thailand. It changed in 1949 to Thailand, which means ‘land of the free’. The country has both enjoyed and endured a variety of occupants in its rich history, with the result that the cuisine has absorbed influences from the East and West. Portuguese, Dutch, French, Chinese and Japanese flavours are now prevalent offering culinary sensations from sweet and salty through to creamy, bitter or spicy.

Siamais Vision

The name Siamais was taken from ‘Siamese twins’ – meaning two. And then the concept was incorporated into the bar/restaurant idea mentioned above. Two nights out, under one roof. We wanted to create fabulous food, in a magical setting, with a touch of theatre.

The ideal staff for the best Thai food in Birmingham

Eating out should be a wonderful experience, and much of that is also down to the people. Siamais staff are recruited for their knowledge and enthusiasm. They’re highly-trained and motivated to ensure you have a wonderful time. The food is part of the story, and the people complete it.